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Always cache the length property in for loops when using JavaScript

By David Pratt / Tags: , , / No Comments » / Published: 26-01-10

Well, you don’t have to, but it helps a smidgen when it comes to performance…

Drupal – Getting the image path of a CCK field

By David Pratt / Tags: / 12 Comments » / Published: 26-01-10

An explanation about how to use the internal Drupal function field_file_load() to get the path of an image that is stored in a CCK field.

Importing large files into mysql with phpmyadmin

By David Pratt / Tags: , / 196 Comments » / Published: 18-01-10

A tutorial that explains the steps you need to take in order to import large (2Mb+) SQL files into phpmyadmin

Using the logical OR operator in setting variables

By David Pratt / Tags: / 2 Comments » / Published: 11-01-10

A technique that sets a variable by testing the result of the logical OR operator based on the existence of the two conditions.

Software to put on a clean install of Windows 7

By David Pratt / Tags: / 8 Comments » / Published: 04-01-10

A list of software that you might find useful if you’re a developer.