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Exporting data from SQL Server Express 2005 to CSV using PHP

By David Pratt / Tags: , / 5 Comments » / Published: 10-06-11

A tutorial that explains how to connect to a SQL Server 2005 Express database from a PHP script, and then output a CSV file of a table within that database.

Wget examples for a Linux newbie

By David Pratt / Tags: , , / 2 Comments » / Published: 06-05-11

A collection of wget examples, tips and tricks that showcase some of the interesting things that you can do with it.

Using FB.api to make a full post to a users wall

By David Pratt / Tags: , / 21 Comments » / Published: 26-09-10

The JavaScript snippet you need to make a full wall post (including image) to a users wall using the Facebook JavaScript API.

Create a Facebook page that shows a different version to those that “like” it

By David Pratt / Tags: / No Comments » / Published: 17-09-10

How to show one of version of a Facebook fan/tab page to those people who “like” it, and another to those who are yet to “like” it.

Create photo albums and upload photos using the Facebook Graph API

By David Pratt / Tags: , / 71 Comments » / Published: 11-09-10

An example using the Facebook Graph API that shows how to create a photo album and insert photos into it. The example uses PHP.