How to add nofollow to the Lifestream plugin for WordPress

By David Pratt / Tags: , / No Comments / Published: 29-12-09

If you use the popular Lifestream plugin for WordPress, you might notice that there is no option within the plugin settings to toggle the rel=”nofollow” attribute on the links that it creates. If you are concerned that your site is “leaking pagerank” because of this, you can set all the links that the plugin creates to have the rel=”nofollow” attribute by default if you follow these few steps and manually update the plugin source code:

Locate the file:


Find the function get_anchor_html and locate the line within that function that looks like (line 690):

$html .= ''.$label.'';

Update this line so that it becomes:

$html .= ' rel="nofollow">'.$label.'';

Save the file.

This is for version of the Lifestream plugin for WordPress, but it is possible that the update would work for other versions too.

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