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  • Samreen: I am trying to import a large file,i have changed post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to 128M,but wen i import it , it is showing Error:#1046 No database selected. Kindly help me to solve this error.
  • swargam dinesh: Thank you IT working great
  • RussellSwain: Thanks, Worked perfectly for me.
  • jerbey: i cant find $cfg[‘UploadDir’] in my im using xampp can you help me because im importing 500k rows of csv files…
  • Bob: Hello, my name is Bob, you are totally discriminating IPv6(because ip2long doesn't support IPv6), so if you want to support IPv6 in this function you can use my function if($ip == 0) { $ipParts = explode(":", $ip); for($i=0;$i<=7;$i++) $ip += hexdec($ipParts[$i]); } which is detecting IPv6 and converting it into int too! With greetings your dear Bob!
  • David Wilford: Better to use a VBO called with Drush. e.g. drush vbo-execute si_vbo action::views_bulk_operations_delete_item You can run this is linux 'screen' to avoid interruption. I've been using to remove over 500,000 complex entities.
  • Parth Thakkar: It Worked!!Thanks
  • John: Your --random-wait example lacks a --wait=. According to the --random-wait man page, "This option causes the time between requests to vary between 0 and 2*wait seconds, where wait was specified using the --wait option, in order to mask wget's presence...".
  • Niranjan: Thanks dear it works fine
  • Arindam: How can I make the image large in fb wall? currently it is showing thumb size. But I want large size.