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Best way to store IP addresses in MySQL

By David Pratt / Tags: , / 26 Comments » / Published: 10-08-10

It’s tempting to store IP addresses in a database as a varchar of length 15 in the absence of a dedicated IPv4 field type in mysql, but that isn’t the most efficient way of doing so…

Importing large files into mysql with phpmyadmin

By David Pratt / Tags: , / 196 Comments » / Published: 18-01-10

A tutorial that explains the steps you need to take in order to import large (2Mb+) SQL files into phpmyadmin

How to set up a local server on Windows

By David Pratt / Tags: , , , , / No Comments » / Published: 11-05-09

Instructions on how to setup a local server manually on a windows box; running Apache, MySQL and PHP.